Is there a relationship between air filter area and life?

2022-06-28 11:38

If the selection area of the filter material in the air filter is too small or the dust holding capacity per unit area is too small, the service life of the filter will be affected. When designing, it is necessary to consider that the area of the filter material in the air filter is too small or the amount of dust per unit area is too small. It is necessary to choose a filter with a large air filter area, which can greatly extend the service life.

Converting an old filtration system to extend its life can be a hassle if the project is complete. In many projects, users are asking to minimize the space occupied by the air conditioning system, or users do not notice that the supplier is using cheap filters with small filter area during the price reduction process. Although the filter can meet the requirements of air purification during project acceptance, the filter life will not be very long due to the small area of the filter material.

If the filtration efficiency of the air filter we choose is low, it will also affect the service life, so we can adjust the filtration efficiency of the air filter to prevent dust from entering the air filter. For example, if the filter is F7, when using a G4 air filter, the filter life is 3 months. After switching to the F5 air filter, the life of the filter is extended to half a year.

In a clean room, end-of-life filters are not of great value, but the risk and overhead costs of replacing filters can be high, and replacing a pre-filter does not require stopping production, so experienced owners will pay attention and spend on the filter. The service life of the main filter depends on the quality of the previous air filter.