How to extend the service life of air filters in environmental protection equipment

2022-06-28 11:34

How to adjust the service life of the air filter Users often complain that the service life of the filter is too short. There are two main reasons: First, the area of the filter material in the filter is too small or the dust holding capacity per unit area is too small; second, The filtration efficiency of the pre-filter is on the low side; in addition, user expectations for filter life are too high.

For the first reason, switching to a large-area air filter significantly prolongs the service life. It is very good that this is taken into account in the design. After the project is completed, it is troublesome to modify the filter system to prolong its service life.

In many projects, the user requests to minimize the space occupied by the air conditioning system, or the user fails to notice that the supplier uses a cheap filter with a small filter area during the price reduction. At the time of project acceptance, the filter can meet the requirements of air purification, but because the filter material area of the filter is too small, the service life of the filter will not be long.

For the second reason, the filtering efficiency of the pre-filter can be adjusted to keep the dust out of the pre-filter. For example, if the end filter is F7, the service life of the end filter is 3 months when using the G4 pre-filter, and the service life of the end filter is extended to half a year after switching to the pre-F5 filter. In the clean room, the value of the high-efficiency filter at the end is not high, but the risk and overhead cost of replacing the filter will be high, and the replacement does not need to stop production, so the experienced owner will spend the attention and money on the pre-filter. on the filter.