commonly used air filter cotton introduction

2023-03-14 16:01

Air purification filter bag, four most commonly used air filter cotton introduction

1. Glass fiber filter cotton: This filter cotton has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, long service life and good filtering effect. It is widely used in ventilation systems.

2. Activated carbon filter cotton: This kind of filter cotton has very strong adsorption, and has a very good adsorption effect on the peculiar smell in the air, but its filtering effect is not as good as other filter cotton, and it generally needs to cooperate with other products. use.

3. Synthetic fiber filter cotton: This is a new type of material with light weight, high resistance, excellent elasticity and stability, and excellent insulation performance.

4. Non-woven filter cotton: it has good stability, which is the most used filter cotton product in all filters. Efficiency and stability and other aspects are relatively balanced.