How to clean the air purifier filter? you must know this

2022-06-28 11:21

Due to the raging of bacteria and viruses, the attack of sandstorms, and the excessive formaldehyde in new houses, more and more families are buying air purifiers to ensure their breathing safety. With everyone's attention to their own health and the improvement of air purification awareness, more and more people have noticed that the filter screen of the air purifier needs to be cleaned and replaced. How to clean the air purifier filter correctly?

Before answering the question "how to clean an air purifier filter," you need to understand this: not all filters can be cleaned. The air purifier filter generally has three layers, mainly according to the filter material and product description to determine how to clean and whether it can be cleaned. The following is an explanation based on the three-layer filter screen.

Part 1: Pre-filter cleaning. The first layer of the air purifier is the pre-filter. When cleaning, you can use a towel or a vacuum cleaner to clean the dirt on the filter, then rinse it directly with tap water, and gently brush it with a soft brush. .

Part II: HEPA filter cleaning. Because the HEPA filter material is generally classified as a paper product, if there is no actual indication, do not wash it with water, otherwise it will affect the filter and cause the air outlet of the filter to be blocked. We only need to use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt on the surface of the filter or wipe it gently with clean toilet paper.