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  Breathe easily


  Let the dirty air stay away from you(让污浊的空气远离你) Fully upgrade,enhance purification function (全面升级,更强净化功能)Air purifier (空气净化器)KJ1050F.


It's time to say goodbye to smog, formaldehyde, and odor.(是时候和雾霾,甲醛,异味说再见了)




  Choose our seven reasons(选择我们的七大理由)

  Air Purifier, (空气净化器)

  Artistic adornment high quality of life,(艺术装饰品,生活高品位)

  LED intelligent touch-screen technology cool Feel (LED智能触屏科技酷炫Feel)Innovation plasma cloud purification filter, (创新等离子云净化过滤)

  Agile automatic temperature and humidity sensor,(敏捷传感器,自动恒温)

  Five D layered filtration purification Purification of 99.98%(5D分层过滤净化,净化99.98%)

  Super quiet sleep patterns Noise like serenade(超静睡眠模式,噪音犹如小夜曲)

  Multi-functional low price high cost performance. (多功能,低价位, 高性价比)



  6D layered filtration purification technology to achieve effective purification of 99.98 percent,(6D分层过滤净化技术,实现有效净化99.98%)

  Layer upon layer of barrier, adsorb indoor dirty and harmful gases(层层关卡,吸附室内污浊有害气体)



  The first step: the primary net filter (第一步:初级网状过滤器)

  Anti-large particle impurities, (大颗粒杂质克星)

  the special antibacterial material, can effectively filter the hair and other substances, extend the service life of other filters.(特有抗菌材料制成,能有效过滤毛发等物质,延长其他滤网使用寿命)




  The second step: HEPA filter(第二步 HEPA 过滤网)

  There is no place to hide the particles(小颗粒无处可藏)

  The HEPA filter with high density PP and PET material that can be used to absorb PM2·5, PM0·5 and pollen.(采用高密度PP和PET 材质的HEPA 滤网,能够将PM2.5,PM0.5及花粉等吸入)




  The third step: coconut shell activated carbon filter (第三步:椰壳活性炭滤网)

  Physical adsorption (纯物理吸附)

  Activated carbon is more pure than normal. The pore structure is developed , which is 5 times of common active carbon. (比一般活性炭更纯净,孔隙结构发达,是普通活性炭5倍)The surface area bigger than normal activated carbon , and lighter weight, better adsorption effect.(表面积比一般活性炭大,重量更轻, 吸附效果更好)




  Solve the problem for you.(为您排忧解难)

  The indispensable in life,(生活中不可缺少的)

  filter PM2.5(过滤PM2.5)

  Remove secondhand smoke(除二手烟),Remove formaldehyde(除甲醛),deodorization,(除臭) sterilization(杀菌), three million negative ions.(3百万负离子)





  Product Parameters:(产品参数)

  Name :AUMU air purifier(名称:奥慕空气净化器)

  Remove PM2.5 rate: 99%(除PM2.5,99%)

  Model: KJ1050F(型号:KJ1050F)

  8 hour power consumption: 0.5 degree(8小时耗电:0.5度)

  Intelligence: yes(智能:有)

  Negative ion concentration :9.5*106 ions/cm3.(负离子浓度:9.5*106ions/cm3)

  Air volume :100-320 m3 / h(风量:100-320m3/h)

  The timing function :1h-8h.(定时:1h-8h)

  Power :maximum 156W minimum 72W.(功率:最大156W,最小72W

  Dimensions :1175*360*420mm(尺寸:1175*360*420mm)


  The net weight gross:(净重:)

  Electrical Wire: 2 meters(电线:2米)

  Formaldehyde removal rate : 99%.(甲醛去除率:99%)

  Applicable area : 100m2.(适用面积:100m2)

  After-sales service: 3years(售后服务:3年)



  Product details ,(产品细节)

  Intelligent touch -screen, (智能触屏)

  Shows the air quality with different color(用颜色显示空气质量)


Large outlet, the wind speedy,(超大出风口,出风快速)


  Back power cord, convenient (背部电源线,方便)




  Safety and stable

  Price: FOB usd 590

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air purifier air purifier hepa filter air purifier home

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