Our Vision

Business outlook

With the promotion of the company's global strategy, In line with the mission of "creating a cleaner environment for mankind", we are committed to becoming the most professional domestic air purifying manufacturer in the next two years, making "junwei" a top-tier brand in China.

All members of the management team are in the world top 500 companies and listed companies for more than 10 years, with international vision and rich management experience. The management team advocates the product and service as the core business philosophy, and establishes the enterprise value system of "quality is the belief of junwei people".

The R&D staff in the technical team are from the engineering majors of 211 universities nationwide. R&d experience more than five years in the cleaning industry, sharp customers find ability and stability of the research and development ability more than 3 years sales team average qualification, comprehensive services in China and global customers. Through the sales team, the company has served more than 30 provinces and cities in China and over 50 countries and regions across the country. The customer can achieve the one-stop service by using the meticulous customer service team of junwei, which can realize the engineering testing and product application guide and related auxiliary.



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