Our Competitive And Core Advantage


Each of the products manufactured by Junwei Group is subjected to stringent quality standards prescribed by reputed Chines & international entities.

Over time, Junwei Group has built a formidable value along the lines of:

  • Very strong domain knowledge in Air purification & Air cleaner products.
  • Ventilation syetem and Process Engineering support.
  • Excellent component Sourcing strength with high volume procurement capabilities.
  • Strong financial background.
  • Highly skilled manpower.
  • ISO certified plants and few Products are BIS certified.
  • Multi location- multi products manufacturing capability.
  • Experience in Exporting products to various countries all over the world.

  • The quality systems at Junwei Group showcase the unwavering focus on quality. During the design stage, FMEA and BETA field testing is carefully carried out.
    Vendors have to undertake self-certification and training of their operators. Preference is given to ISO 9000 certified vendors. Inward quality checks, vendor rating and warehouse test reports make sure that excellent standards are upheld. Stringent product inspection and audit is a critical part of the manufacturing process.
    For customer assurance, reliability and life testing are a continuous initiative. Close attention is paid to warranty failures and field performance with prompt corrective and preventive action for the failures reported.
    The highly qualified Aquamall team have Air related research and development experience behind them. The team not only keeps abreast with the latest developments in Air technology and research but also makes regular customer visits to understand their needs first hand.



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